Report an Issue

You experienced an issue with one of the component of Bonita BPM?
There is an issue on the Community wbesite?

Before reporting an issue, check:

  • You can describe how to reproduce it
  • You have all information about operating system, web browser and environment
  • The Java version you are using (Bonita BPM only)
  • Your issue is not a duplicate

Then, you can create an issue on our Community Jira bug tracker:

Please, select the good project:

  • "Bonita BPM Community"
  • "Community Website"

Here, you can follow the evolution of issues reported by the Community, comment them, and more. If your issue is a duplicate, you can add more information and follow the original one.

This is Jira project is public. However, the first time you want to create an issue, you will have to create an account. Please, use the same email address and nickname than on the Community website. And if you want to have an avatar, Jira is using Gravatar services.