[Resolved] How to import external Data ?

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Submitted by cesarnvf Tue, 10/20/2009 - 15:18

Como se utilizan los data puesto que quiero ingresar un dato de un software externo ???

Esto my bueno el sistema

Gracias de antemano

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Could you please ask your question in english so that more people in community (and also in the developers' crew ;) will be able to understand it and help you?

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he said,

"How do you manipulate (utilize) data, as I want to import data from external software (services/db/you get the idea)

This looks like a good system, thanks"

Yup that's what he said

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In order to use data from an external software, you can create a connector which imports data.

Some connectors have been already developed in this purpose (get data from a database, an ldap directory, ...)



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