This REST API can access in one call all you process variable, from a taskId or from a caseId.
Use http://../API/extension/context?caseId={{caseId}} or http://../API/extension/context?taskId={{taskId}}

See the tutorial for a step by step information

-------------------------------- Difference : --------------------------------

This REST API extension allow to execute SQL queries using a JDBC data source.

The extension allow to easily display data coming directly from a database into Bonita BPM forms.
Usage of JDBC data source brings benefits of connection pooling for better performance.



The page help you to configure you JAAS service. Give the parameters, and then test immediately if all is correct.
If you have a subcription version, you have access to the LDAP Synchronizer tool. Copy the JAR file, and then you can verify that the parameters are correct.




The page is use to repair data in engine, like when some timer are broken, to create them again




The page can administrate tenant:
Add, activate, deactivate, remove a tenant



The Bear Table widget display data in a table, with the control:
* Cell in read/write (Text, Number, Select, Date)
* filter, sort
* rules: sum must be egal to 154, all values different
* color, hide lines

Different control:


The Google filter can log you in the BonitaPortal is you are log in Google !
Or, a google button "Sign it" is present on the login page. Click on, log in Google and you are log in Bonita Portal.



Pass two string values and the output is concatenated string in french.


Manage the command loaded in the engine.
All commands are visibles, and can be remove. A new command can be deploy



The custom page Awacs monitor the activity on process, and on user.

Administrator can setup some indicators, base on the number of pending tasks, or when tasks are overdue, or close to be overdue.
On process:


The Americain custom page can upload any organization, from a CSV source file.
It can run
* to load a file at one moment,
* to monitor a directory and load any file in this directory
* to run as a service



The Scooter page display a QRCODE. Simply scan it by your mobile, and you will access immediately on the Bonita Portal for mobile



Different tools to track the performance on the system.
Home page


The custom page Ping demonstrate how to create a custom page with some HTML, AngularJS, PrivateREST API and Groovy + Java on server side




A Bonita BPM filter that includes provide user and his manager and manager of manager...


Update the business database to fit the new Business Data Model.
Give the new BDM version, and the page compare the existing database structure, against the new definition. Then, a SQL Script is proposed to update the database. A comparison is provided too.



Explain how to share a document between a parent process and child process (relation define using call activity).


This process provide a form that can be used to search among business data values using a text input.


A widget to automatically redirect user to next task after case instantiation or task submission.


This sample presents a pageflow (or mutli-page) form created with Bonita BPM 7. This resulting form is equivalent to the pageflow form that existed in Bonita BPM 5 & 6.

Documentation available here:

Issues tracker available here:


Bonita BPM 7 widget displaying a Bonita document as a PDF


Example of forms to display and update a text process variable

Important recommendations

Generally it is recommended to use business variables instead of process variables.

Known limitation

By default only users with administrator profile are allowed to access process variables. You can change such behavior by customizing Refer to REST API authorization documentation for more information.


File upload and download example

An example that illustrate how to allow user to upload and download a single document or a list of documents. Also illustrate how to only allow certain type of files to be uploaded (e.g. only PDF files).

Process definition includes a reference to a document and to a list of documents (document with option "multiple" enable).

All files will be stored by Bonita BPM Engine in database. Engine also saved the association between the process instance and documents content and version.



This is an official Living Application example for Bonita BPM >7.2.1

This example demonstrates the following concepts:

  • Living Application

  • Forms and pages built using the UI Designer

  • Process using BDM and contracts

  • REST API extensions


  1. Start Bonita BPM Studio 7.2.1 or later

  2. Download the application bundle



This is an official Expense Report process example for Bonita BPM 7.0.
You may follow our Getting Started videos tutorials to learn how to create such a process.


Install this example process by importing the provided .bos file (see releases section at the bottom of this page) in your Bonita BPM Studio.


DigitalForms is based on a modeldriven App-Generation-Framework, that will accelerate the creation of form apps in combination with the workflow engine of BonitaSoft.


Webapp to read and download log file of the Bonitasoft plateform

This app will enable tech user to get the container logs without using a file system access

Configure * Remove dev context files : webapp/logs/META-INF/ and * Edit the authorized user/password in webapp/logs/META-INF/users.xml * Edit the context.xml * Edit the param-value of the logsDirectory context-param to point to your container log folder

Deploy * Copy the webapp/logs folder into your container folder

  • Author : Frederic KREBS
  • Bonita BPM version : 6.5.3

Description For a process name, find the highest enabled and resolved deployed process version In this example, search a process name in the first form , and view the resulting info, the process info, on a second form




JDBC Datasource connector to Insert into a database with a prepared statement

Author : Frederic KREBS

Bonita BPM version : 6.5.3

Example works with

  • Postgresql
  • Bonita BPM 6.5.3

Example installation



This is an official Living Application example for Bonita BPM 7.0

This example demonstrates the following concepts:


Created on Bonita BPM version : 6.3.3

Objectives: Execute an external groovy script

You can edit the script without recompiling neither redeploying the process on the server * Use as a form widget connector, it allows you to edit the script and refresh the screen to see the result * Use as a Form transiant data connector, it allows you to edit the script and refresh the screen to see the result * Use as an activity connector, it allows you to edit the script, restart a new process instance and see the changes


This project aims to develop connectors that meet the requirements of information security, such as: integrity, confidentiality , non-repudiation and authenticity.

The repository already contains developed connectors for integrity, encryption, decryption , digital printing and digital signature with digital certificates PKCS#12.

The development of connectors that meet other Information Security Requirements are welcome.


The library is a fork of the popular open source Jasper Reports and supports the common features provided by Jasper Reports, but offline and for mobile apps. The PDFReporter library supports iOS, Java and Android library. For your document and report design you use the PDFReporter Studio where you can visualize your data.

PDFReporter Studio


Maven Repository


A simple process that use a public weather web service in order to display current weather information.


The purpose is to get a connector which allows to generate any REST requests.

Please check the UM document included in the release package for complete documentation.


The project contains Bugzilla Connectors to create and update a bug in Bugzilla. The Connector was created for a project undertaken by Bonitasoft and Contact Solutions (, and generously donated by Contact Solutions at the end of the engagement.


MongoDB connectors for Bonita BPM


Bonita Connectors:

Sample Bonita processes:

  • Mongo Connectors Test - Test processes that allows to test the connectors
  • Mongo Store - A sample use case of business processes using MongoDB

Bonita connector that publishes a MQTT (machine-to-machine connectivity protocol) message.

Checkout the deliverables from the project page:


This is a connector for OpenKM Document Management System.

Can be found more information about it at Bonita-OpenKM-connector