Integrating ADF & Bonita + Actionable email (Appoval via Email)

hi all,

i'm new to this Bonita BPM Engine and trying to integrate bonita to adf application (12.2.1). can i merge the bonita tasklist to one of my adf page ? or i have to built the Bonita REST Api then from my adf application will consume that REST Api and show the returned data in my adf Application ?

and then does Bonita support the actionable email like Oracle BPM ? so the approver will get notification from email and then he can approve/reject from that email by replying the email.

BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.3-Tomcat-7.0.67 and Mysql connection error when not in use for long time?

I change configuration for BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.3-Tomcat-7.0.67 to connect with mysql it is work fine but when the application idle there is no work on it give me error you must add 'autoReconnect=true' so I add it in the url:

but it is give me another error like this:

GroovyConnector not found on server

Good morning,
I'm working on a new process and I came to the following issue trying to run it on my Bonita Engine server.
From the portal within the studio, there's no errors at all and the process runs perfectly well.

The error is : org.bonitasoft.connectors.scripting.GroovyScriptConnector can not be found.

I checked in the Bar file and there's the file scripting-groovy-script-impl-1.0.2.impl in the connector folder.

Any ideas ?


How to use bonita forms in external app


I want to create custom application with use of bonita software, I already know that I can communicate with bonita via Rest API but I need to know how to display forms created in UI Designer in my application (via Rest API method ?). I wander whether it is possible to create application outside bonita world which will use all bonita features.

Problem starting Bonita 7.0.0 + Tomcat + MySQL

Hi, I am trying to run Bonita/Tomcat using MySQL but it seems some problems encountered while initializing the platform and I don't know where I should check..
I followed every detail as said in Bonita documentation

Normally after init I should get "" run "" .. it's not the case as you can see in the log file and I don't know what the problem might be.


How to access the Bonita Form from external URL?


I am trying to set the pool level auto-login feature for a bonita form . I have created the username and password for the anonymous user(at pool level) and created a URL in the format of : (Note:Project Initiation is the pool name and 1.4.0 is the bos version and process = process Id ).

http://localhost:8080/bonita/?ui=form&autologin=Project%20Initiation--1....$entry&process=8068068927823037965&mode=form&locale=en .

External app via Bonita REST API?

Is it possible to access Bonita REST API through an external application? (On a different Server and Port ej. Ruby on Rails or Django app)

I've already tried to to this with ngBonita however there is a problem when trying to consume the cookie in "Set-cookie" header from a different domain.

Has anyone tried something similar?

Duplicate entry '1-79-ACTIVITY_INSTANCE-seEmitieronPasajes' for key 'tenantid'


We have installed BonitaBPMCommunity-6.2.3-Tomcat-6.0.37, in the startup we have the follow error:

I can not cancel or delete a timer event. HELP

I have a case running like in a loop and I can't stop or delete. I'm using bonita 5.9 jboss bundle. os Red hat, oracleXE 11g.
When I see the log I figured out this 3 errors happen when I try to delete or cancel the case:

Subscription package information

I'm interested to suscribe to Bonitasoft, what benefits may I have? how is licencing and how much cost it? may I import external documents like forms?