#bonita 7.x

Change Actor_id

Hi all,

Say I have a task set on the workflow to a group X, none of the members of group X did Take of the task, and I wanted to change the task to a different group.

I read on the API and I see that the task is only modifiable on the following fields: assigned_id and state

I tried to set the actorId field and got a ForbiddenException.

Is there a way to change on Runtime the actorId?

On the portal the assign button only searches users but i think that would be great to set a task to a group.

Update Organization

Hi all,

Is there any way of updating the organization without losing any of the archived cases?


Multiple buttons on UI Designer

Hi all,

I was doing some forms with several buttons, say one button for "Yes" and another for "No".
I have some fields with the required behavior on.

When it's only one button, the button stays inactive when the form is incomplete and active when all the fields are set.

I set the folowing text $form.$invalid on the disabled behavior of the button.

On the forms that have two or more buttons this text $form.$invalid doesn't work.

Anyone knows how to solve this behavior?


How to initilize a class in RestAPI Ext when Bonita server starts

I created a Rest API Extension to which we can use to schedule the task to run on define time with define interval.

The program I works fine as long as Bonita Server is running without any restart.

How can I update the JobStore in Bonita with my new Job and allow application to pick the job automatically when Bonita server restarts.

I used Quartz library within my Rest API and created a scheduler. But, I think in order to pick my new Job by Bonita when it restart, I need to use the Scheduler that is initiated by Bonita server.

Is bar file updatable in subscription version

Hi , i am using bonita community version and i wanted to make few changes to few of the tasks created in my bpm but i am not able to do that. I wanted to know is it possible in subscription version to update the same process version in bonita, or if i can move the tasks created in my old process version to new process version ( not talking about new bonita version, just few changes to the old tasks and functions).

Problem in substituting translated language

Dear All,
I have a big problem. I want to add the Persian language to Bonita studio. BTW, It made based on Eclipse Babel. Because lack of supporting the Persian language in Eclipse Luna, I can't do that. I decided to substitute the Persian "*.properties" files that I get from translation site for the French language. I have copied them to the "fr" folder in bonita-studio/translation directory. After Compilation it works. However, Some words for button such as Yes, No, and
Cancel does not changed yet. I think they doesn't belong to ".properties" files.

Reassign simultaneously to two or more users

It's possible to assign an userTask to more than one user?

Thanks in advance,

Reassign to a group of users

I was able to reassign a userTask to a new user.
I tried to reassign a userTask to a group_id but didn't found API to do this. It's possible?

How can it be done?

Thanks in advance,

Create a case on a specific task

Hi all,

I was using the REST API and done the create case examples using the information on this link:

Example 1 created the case.
Example 2 created the case with variables.

I then created a simple workflow with two tasks.
"Step 1" and "Step 2"

And thought that maybe there is a way to create a case starting on a specific task?
How's the syntax?

Thanks in advance,

update daysAvailableCounter vacation Request

Hello everybody
anyone can help me pleeease , in leave request when I do the first one a leave request the currentbalance(daysAvailable) updated but the second one back to the daysAvailableInitial
For exemple daysInitialValue = 60
new request( NbreDays=5 ) --> daysAvailableCounter:60-5=55
second request (NbreDays = 3)--> daysAvailableCounter 60-3=57 shoud be do daysAvailableCounter 55-3= 52
thanks in advance
this is my process.bos