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Adding Persian language to Bonita Studio

Dear All,
I want to add the Persian language to the bonita community 7.3 that I translated in Crowdin website. So, I copy the ".po" files to the bonita-web project and compile them and it works well. The Persian language has added to Bonita portal. But I have a problem with adding the Persian language to Studio section.

URL on the portal with a selected task

We want to send an email to the user with a link to the portal that shows the task he/she has to process. The following URL worked well with version 6.5. It opened the portal's task list and the task to be processed (in the example the task with id 480021) was already selected


Has a process wait for external data before continuing

Hi, Hola & Bonjour,

We are using Bonita 7.4.X, subscription edition.

We are building out a large process. At a few points we want our process to wait until data in a SQL DB has been updated.

For example when the process arrives on the task the data in the target DB would return 'Status:Incomplete.' We would want our task to wait until that data has changed to 'Status:Complete.'

Add new Menu to Bonita Studio

Dear All,

I have analysed the source code of Bonita Studio and I'm sure that the studio has created based on SWT(Standard Widget Toolkit). Unfortunately, I have no experience on using SWT. I want to Add a new menu or a Coolbar to Bonita Studio community version. My question is How can do it? if someone has experience with it, please guide me.

Thanks in Advance

connect bonita bpm to a java application

How can i connect bonita bpm with a jee application ??

change date format in bonita portal

Dear All
When I change or add a new language to bonita portal, The date format is English and not changed. How can I change date format for example to Jalali date format? Does anyone have experience about this issue?
Any suggestion is acceptable.


How to change url of bonita?


Just want to ask how to change the url bonita. The path I am using right now is hobnta01:8080/bonita the hobnta01 is the machine name of my server to where it is reside but I want to change it and make it http://webforms.smretail.intranet:8080/bonita. Is there a configuration for this? Please help.


Bonita Design pattern

Dear All
Are you analysis the Bonita source code? I hope that someone does it. I explore the source code of Bonita Community and because the lack of documentation about implementation I can't understand the design pattern of bonita-web or bonita-studio projects. If someone finds out the design pattern of bonita, please share it. It may be very useful.


Rest API Post and Put methods get unauthorized errorcode 401

when i send request get with
username and password
to login service
i get 200 ok

when i send request get
to ip:port /bonita/API/bpm/process?p=0&c=100
i get response and get all processes

when i send any post request
like ip:port /bonita/API/bpm/case/
and in body
{"processDefinitionId": "6397493661701515732","variables":[{ "name":"pp","value":"87874"

i get unauthorized eror 401

and this error appear for any post/put request
My Bonita version 7.4.2 with wildfly server