Can approve in email?

I have a workflow that sends an email to an approver. Part of the email body are details for approval, "Approve" button and "Disapprove" button.

Does Bonita support approval via email? When the approver clicks on the "Approve"/"Disapprove" button in the email it will send the appropriate value to Bonita for the workflow to continue.

Is this possible?

Integrating ADF & Bonita + Actionable email (Appoval via Email)

hi all,

i'm new to this Bonita BPM Engine and trying to integrate bonita to adf application (12.2.1). can i merge the bonita tasklist to one of my adf page ? or i have to built the Bonita REST Api then from my adf application will consume that REST Api and show the returned data in my adf Application ?

and then does Bonita support the actionable email like Oracle BPM ? so the approver will get notification from email and then he can approve/reject from that email by replying the email.

How to get local variable from a task to enter value in email

I created two date variables to get the date and time that started and finished the task, so I put the variables in the tasks as a local variable.

However I need the variables to insert into the end email ....

Please I need help

How to get user's manager name,info using Groovy script?

I am using below groovy script to get users Manager Name,Email. Using Bonitasoft Studio 6.5

${import org.bonitasoft.engine.IdentityAPI;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.identity.User;
IdentityAPI api = apiAccessor.getIdentityAPI();
User user = api.findUserByUserName(processInstance.getStartedBy());
User manager1 = api.getUserByUUID(user.getManagerUUID());

What am I doing wrong above?

Approve/Reject a request with the help of email reply


I am evaluating BPM tools for my organization and have used Bonita community edition. We have two requirements

  1. Allow a user to approve/reject a request by replying to email. Approver should be able to reply to the mail containing the request with keyword such as "Approve" or "Reject" in subject or in email body. This reply can be sent to a pre configured email address and based on the keyword, the task should get approved or rejected

Text Variable (multi-line) not displayed properly in Email body.

Good day,

I tried to include a text variable (multi-line data)in my email body. The email is being sent successfully but the text message from the variable does not display correctly.

For example:

Using textarea widget, I save the text below to a Text data variable

*Good Day,

I regret to inform you that...

Thank you*

When this is sent via email, it is displayed as Good Day, I regret to inform you that...Thank you. But when I view the data using another textarea it is displayed properly.

send an email to a user for next task

Hi i've been trying to send an email for a user to the next task what i did was this create a list variable and then created a script

Send Email with Database table / html templete.

i m using bonitasoft 6.3 community , how can i send email with db output displayed in html table . pl can any one give example

thanks kadarp

Send Email to task assignee with task name & link

My ask is simple, I want to send email to task owner as soon as a task is assigned to him or her. The email subject should contain name of the task and if possible link to it. What I have was able to achieve so far is below

Create email connector which executes on start of task To get dynamic task name I tried using below code


but this always returns null. Any thoughts ?

Comment récupérer l'adresse mail d'un utilisateur et le stocker dans un champs d'un formulaire?

Comment récupérer l'adresse mail d'un utilisateur et le mettre dans un champs d'un formulaire ?