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Hi all,

Today, when I want to print or export a diagram, I get the raw diagram on a sheet/as an image. It could be great, were it possible to add the title of the diagram, or any header, to the diagram itself before printing or exporting as image.


Insert image in email body


I have a question please help me.

Is it possible to insert an image in the body of the email?

Currently any files I place inside the process enter as an attachment in the email, but I'd like it to appear in the body of the email ...

Thank you very much in advance.

Sorry for bad English...

Export as PNG / PDF / JPG... Word truncate

When I export BPM as image, text on connector are truncated.

Can't export diagram to image : reason null


I'm using Bonita 7.0.1 on a Mac and I want to export my diagram to an image.

I tried to export it from the "Export as" > "Image" menu action but no matter the format I select, I always get the following error :

Copy Diagram to Image File could not be completed Reason null

Do you know how I could solve this?



I'm trying to generate a QRCode (in email , png file , any method is accepted), but I'm not able to get it working. I'm using Bonita Community 6.3.9.

importing QRCode connector fails. then I'm trying with the following groovy script