Add drop down menu to portal

Dear All
How can I add a new drop-down menu below language and about in setting tab in Bonita portal Community version? is it possible add a tab in navbar? I mean add it next to the "Processes" tab.
Any suggestion is acceptable.

Best Regard.

Applying visual changes to Bonita Portal

Dear All
I have built Bonita BPM Community 7.3 from source. I want to modify the look'n feel of web pages. to do so, in Bonita-web project there are many less files that construct the appearance of the portal web page. for example, I change the @maincolor variable in skin.config.less.
After Compiling all of the projects the color changed. OK, I want to change other things, so it is very time-consuming to compile all of the projects.
Is it possible to see the response of my changes applied to the less files without compiling the whole projects? I mean faster.

add menu or tab to bonita portal

Dear All
In order to fully customize the bonita portal, I want to add some customized pages or menu and tab to the bonita portal community 7.3. so, How can I do that?
to modify the portal, I should know the source code of portal or not?
any help is accepted.

Best Regard.


Dear All,
I have an idea about improving the security of Authentication process. when someone wants to login to Bonita portal, we make a brief history. if he put his username and password wrongly for three times, the software ban that user for example for one or two minutes. in order to improve security, we can email a new password to that user.
is it possible implement this idea in Bonita Authentication manager?

file Download/Upload example

Dear All
I have imported the file-upload-download example to Bonita 7.3 and it was working correctly. Is it possible that i monitor the task list or Task Id for each user outside the Bonita portal?in fact, I need to save them in a file . how can I monitor the task list when the browser does not refresh or minimized?

Bonita Portal Customize

Dear All
I want to do some customization in Bonita Portal Community 7.3, for example, I want to change the color of the menu bar, add a button to do something or change the style of Bonita portal like fonts and logo or background color. How can I do them?
Do I need to compile the source files again?

Best Regard.

Status Task in the Bonita Portal


We have 4 stages in our process, which are
1. Generate request
2. Approval
3. Review of Human Resources
4. In case of corrections in the request, a step to "modify" it.

I have a case where once the request has been approved, passed this stage the user can not view the status where your request. As a user, in the details of the case and the overall view the portal the user can only visualize where it has passed the request, but not where it is actually.

Bonita Portal: Logging in from a Different Computer


I have two users: One Employee; One Manager.

I'm going to be demo'ing my little program for a class in the coming days and was wondering two things:

How would I go about logging into the Employee on one computer and the Manager on another and still have the process work?

And is there a way for forms to instantly be seen when sending between the two without having to click "My tasks" or "To do"? As in the Employee sends a form, and it pops up automatically in the Manager's task list?.

Changing the look and feel of the portal, Subscription edition.

To whom it may concern,

I am trying to alter the look and feel of the Bonitasoft portal. The alteration is only to make the colour scheme blue and light blue. According to the page I only have to export the default look and feel, modify it and import it back into the portal. When I attempt to do this I get an error message, "An error occurred, please check your .zip file structure."