How to generate the process documentation?

The system documentation ( refer a "Menu bar > Process" that I should access to Generate Documentation, but my Bonita BPM Studio does not have a Process Menu or Submenu.
Have you ever been succeeded in generating a model/process documentation? How? Where?

Luciano Gomes

Comment intervenir sur le numéro des cas donné par bonita


Actuellement en 5.2 et avec 2 bases distinctes (core et history), je rencontre un soucis sur l'archivage de workflow pendant la création d'un nouveau workflow.

La numérotation des 'cas' semble se perdre une fois que certains éléments ont été archivés, le compteur repart à 0 et la numérotation qui suit peut être mal interprétée après le nettoyage de cas archivés.

Launch synchronize function when process instance name is broken


I use an old version of Bonita (5.2).

I would like to launch the service 'synchronize' which may be launch on UserXp. You can access it on this menu : Settings > Synchronization > Synchronize (Force re-calculation of the case count....)

It seems to be useful when you have to delete cases by the runtime api, but actually i can't found where i can call this 'synchronize functon' in my program, by example, after calling a cleaning of my instances (old ones) by runtime api.

Do you have any ideas ?

Thank you.

[RESOLVED] Error during process migration to 7.4.1 from 7.3.0


I'm migrating Bonita version 7.3.0 to 7.4.1 and I have an error during the process definition migration with the bonita-migration-distrib-2.19.0 tool. The last lines in log are :

start case in groovy

Hi, I need to start a case of a process in groovy, Im not sure if I have to call an API or if there is another way of starting a case


[RESOLVED] Migration and update process


I'm going to migrate the engine to Bonita 7.3.0, it was before in 6.3.7.

Since no modifications are necessary for my process, I undestand that no update for them are necessary in Bonita studio.
But when it will be necessary to change one of them (and then change version for example 1.0 to 2.0), will it be necessary to update process (in Bonita 7.3.0) which are dependant of the one to be modified ?

In other words, a process modified in Bonita 7.3.0 could continue to call (by callling activity or by message) process create in Bonita 6.3.7 ?

Get human task from existing process

Help please.
I have a process call "WKF" , and in the design, the process have some human task defined, for example
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3....
Task N.
My question is, how can i get all the human task names from the process (WKF), independent if the process have human tasks created or not.
Please help

Deploying a process


I'm doing the developpement of an Application in java, i m looking to how to clean up the database so i can recreate the same process with the same name, because i'm having this problem.

"2016-07-07 15:04:43.070 -0400 org.bonitasoft.web.toolkit.server.servlet.ToolkitHttpServlet org.bonitasoft.web.toolkit.server.servlet.ToolkitHttpServlet catchAllExceptions
SEVERE: org.bonitasoft.engine.exception.AlreadyExistsException: USERNAME=walter.bates | The process My first process in version 1.01 already exists."

Thank you

How can I atribute visibility and invisibility to tasks.


I have a process started by admin, and he need to start multiple times
when comes to a user Lane, can be start by any user of the group, i need when a user DO the first task of his lane, the process case tasks related can be only viewed by him. and others cases tasks will set invisible to him, up until the case who he was doing finishes by admin.

Thanks before hand.

Peter Grant.

starting a process


I have a dabase outside bonita (SQL), and i need to initiate the process automatically, when new data is added to the SQL database. I got an api to get the data, but no idea of how to start a process without human interactions.