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I have several forms/pages that share the same strings that need to be localized.


How can I avoid having to translate the same strings in each one of those forms/pages?
How can I "translate once, localize everywhere"?

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As announced in the previous release, the Wildfly bundle has been removed in the 7.10 release.
To convert your installation into a Bonita Tomcat installation, follow the guide!

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You like the concept of the overview page, but you would like to customize it for your needs, your company graphic layout, and so on? This article is for you!

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Component: Bonita | Version: 7.4+ | Edition: Subscription


How do I configure my database connection to handle my Oracle RAC, or my MySQL Database encoding?


You will have to add your configuration to the file internal.properties located at the root of the setup folder, i.e: BonitaSubscription-7.9.4-tomcat/setup/internal.properties

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If you have ever noticed that large integers loose precision in Javascript, then this article will help you.

For example, if we use a Rest API to send an ID (19 digits for example) into one of our pages, this ID will be parsed and therefore unusable.

Here's an example of a value returned by the API compared to what Javascript displays :
Java/Groovy : "7300304369714702521"
Javascript : "7300304369714702000"

This comes from the fact that in Java "64 bits" integers are used compared to "53 bits" in Javascript.

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If you have ever wondered how to retrieve a document from a sub-process after a call activity, this article is for you.

As documented, you can follow this article to retrieve a document in a sub-process that was previously uploaded in a main-process:

In the other hand, to do the opposite you can follow the steps of this example :

In the sub-pool

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Component: Bonita | Version: 7.9

What's wrong?

These messages can be found in the server.log file:

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Component: Windows | Component: Antivirus

Microsoft Official Wiki

Microsoft maintains a wiki page to list all exclusions per server type: Microsoft Anti-Virus Exclusion List

There is below the exclusions to start with:

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When designing your applications pages and your process forms, you want to make sure they will display correctly and will be usable on mobile devices. Hence you want their design to be responsive. Here are some tips on how to achieve that when using Bonita UI Designer to build your pages/forms.

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If the Welcome page displays fully white when you start-up your Bonita Studio:


just install the missing packet libwebkitgtk by running the following command:
sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-1.0-0

Then the welcome page should display well, like this: