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The antivirus software companies may provide a list of exclusion and a recommended configuration for java-based servers, and database servers.
Retrieve this information from the official web site of the antivirus.


The official web site of the VM solution in use may provide a list of exclusions and a recommended configuration for the antivirus.
Retrieve this information from the official web site of the VM solution in use.

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When designing your applications pages and your process forms, you want to make sure they will display correctly and will be usable on mobile devices. Hence you want their design to be responsive. Here are some tips on how to achieve that when using Bonita UI Designer to build your pages/forms.

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If the Welcome page displays fully white when you start-up your Bonita Studio:


just install the missing packet libwebkitgtk by running the following command:
sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-1.0-0

Then the welcome page should display well, like this:


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How to share resources between several pages of a Living Application?

I received this question a couple of times already, so I decided to write this blog post to share my thoughts on the matter.

Let’s imagine I have an asset I want to use in several pages of my application.

The product guides you to the best option

By default the product invites me to add an external asset to my page.


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Dear Community,

Since we launched the new Community website, we've spent a lot of time fine-tuning its performance, fixing it, and more. We added some tools for moderation - there is less spam and it should disappear soon. Of course, if you do see spam, you can report it: on every post, the link to "report inapropriate content" shows up when you mouse over it. A breadcrumb is now shown, and we just improved the search page and its widgets.

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A few days ago, I’ve found a French article [1] where the author was trying but unfortunately failing to integrate a process in a Struts 2 web application. The context was a simple bugtracker. In this article, we will do this integration and see what are the right steps to perform. First, have a reminder on some BOS basics. We will then focus on the process design. We will finish by integrating this process in the existing Struts application. What is Bonita Open Solution

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Here at BonitaSoft, we have been talking “kitchentalk”. Yes we love good food here, it’s well known!

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A question often asked about tasks is: How do I loop a task using a condition?

Example A practical example of this could be when a plan has to be validated by a certain number of Managers before being carried out. We've shown this example in a  new video tutorial, now available in the online BonitaSoft Documentation.

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Different teams at BonitaSoft work together in documenting and publishing information about Bonita Open Solution. We have prepared a process diagram which outlines the way we do this. Check it out on the Community Contributions page here: How to document a new feature.

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Here at BonitaSoft, we like to use video tutorials,  to show you how to create, use and configure Bonita Open Solution including some extra features included in the Subscription Pack.