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I wanted to share with you a recent experience about slow performances and what I did to improve them. The result was really good, with an overall performance 4 times better!

Read this article to know more about it.

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Vous développez avec Bonita ? Vous vous lancez dans le Case Management ? Venez discuter avec Adrien de notre équipe R&D mercredi 16 septembre à 13h30.

Dans ce TechChat, posez toutes vos questions, partagez vos impressions techniques ou pas.

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I would like to share my journey from my early Bonita discovery to my very first application completion using this comprehensive tool. This first blog article describes the ramp-up part of this journey, and the development of my BOODLE.

Looking back on my journey, I took note of few particular points that I hope, will help other beginners to ramp up even faster.

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When I started as a new employee at Bonitasoft, my team gave me the opportunity to spend some time to build any application I would like using Bonita. Because I was following the onboarding process, I had the idea to build an employee list application. I appreciated the getting started tutorial and training I received on the Bonita platform that helped me understand how the Bonita platform works, and how to use the Bonita Studio, UI Designer, and Bonita Portal to build a Living Application.

Here, I am going to talk briefly about the project I built using Bonita.

The main objective of my project was to give Bonita user(s) the ability to start a process by clicking a button, fill in the form designed and developed in UI Designer, and launch it on Bonita Portal to see how it looks like as a Living Application.

Bonita Studio:

Bonita Studio lets us create process(es) and define the Business Data Model (BDM) to create a database table containing all the columns (fields) to store information provided by the end users.

Bonita Studio

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Working in a rapidly evolving business environment can be challenging for multiple reasons. The IT domain especially demands that engineers stay up-to-date and perform well to stay up with today's digital transformation train.

Just like top-level athletes, engineers must use their best assets to excel in their craft.
That's what this article is about: How can we apply a champion's mentality and work ethic to our day to day job?


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A Developer Story with Romualdo Santos, brazilian developer at HSS Informatica.

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Lessons from a team self-managed by developers motivated by a common goal.

by Emmanuel Duchastenier, Bonitasoft R&D Engineer

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Dear Community members,

First, a big "thank you" to all of you who responded to our first Usability Poll about Studio views . We're currently using the results in our design process to create a new layout for views in Bonita BPM Studio.

Stay tuned for early mockups! We will appreciate your feedback on the new layout.

And now, as a Usability Specialist, I'm working on another BIG topic for Bonita BPM 6: Portal Administrator and Users views for cases follow up (history, status, next step, BPM view).

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Dear Community,

I’m Nathalie, and I recently joined the Bonitasoft adventure as a Usability and Ergonomics Specialist.

My job is to put my 12 years of experience as a usability consultant at the service of Bonita BPM users, whatever their profiles and needs.

We are working to adjust the usability of Bonita BPM features – including the way they are displayed, and also according to your logical needs and expectations. We are taking on these challenges to help make you more efficient.

Here is what I do: