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I joined BonitaSoft last week. I’ve played developing a little Bonita App during 3 full days to discover from the inside, the journey of a customer who wants to get started with Bonita.

Expected benefits of the App: make the onboarding process easier to prepare and ensure nothing is missed out for both the hiring Manager and HR

I wanted to share this first experience with you all.

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This article will describe some of the basic foundations of good web application performance, and then I’ll offer the insights taken from a case study based on Process Analytics BPMN Visualization library.

(NOTE: If you wish to skip the theoretical part you can go directly to the chapter: Profiling and Performance improvement. )

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For developers like us, when we have to create a Graphical User Interface (GUI), should we consider using an UI builder to do this ? Or code the interface by ourselves ?

In this article, I will try to answer the following question: do you really need to code your UI?

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Today, we are planning to perform a full revamp of our community website and tools to enhance the tools and associated services we provide.

This project is made for you! So we want to hear from you. Tell us about your needs by answering our quick (5 minute) survey.

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I wanted to share with you a recent experience about slow performances and what I did to improve them. The result was really good, with an overall performance 4 times better!

Read this article to know more about it.

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Vous développez avec Bonita ? Vous vous lancez dans le Case Management ? Venez discuter avec Adrien de notre équipe R&D mercredi 16 septembre à 13h30.

Dans ce TechChat, posez toutes vos questions, partagez vos impressions techniques ou pas.

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I would like to share my journey from my early Bonita discovery to my very first application completion using this comprehensive tool. This first blog article describes the ramp-up part of this journey, and the development of my BOODLE.

Looking back on my journey, I took note of few particular points that I hope, will help other beginners to ramp up even faster.

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When I started as a new employee at Bonitasoft, my team gave me the opportunity to spend some time to build any application I would like using Bonita. Because I was following the onboarding process, I had the idea to build an employee list application. I appreciated the getting started tutorial and training I received on the Bonita platform that helped me understand how the Bonita platform works, and how to use the Bonita Studio, UI Designer, and Bonita Portal to build a Living Application.

Here, I am going to talk briefly about the project I built using Bonita.

The main objective of my project was to give Bonita user(s) the ability to start a process by clicking a button, fill in the form designed and developed in UI Designer, and launch it on Bonita Portal to see how it looks like as a Living Application.

Bonita Studio:

Bonita Studio lets us create process(es) and define the Business Data Model (BDM) to create a database table containing all the columns (fields) to store information provided by the end users.

Bonita Studio

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Working in a rapidly evolving business environment can be challenging for multiple reasons. The IT domain especially demands that engineers stay up-to-date and perform well to stay up with today's digital transformation train.

Just like top-level athletes, engineers must use their best assets to excel in their craft.
That's what this article is about: How can we apply a champion's mentality and work ethic to our day to day job?