3 simple ways to create connectors for the Bonita Platform

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When using the Bonita platform to develop an application or process, connectors are a means to interact with your information system (IS) to read or write data. A connector is merely a piece of Java code that connects to the IS to execute an operation (read or write).

Bonita comes natively with 50+ connectors to fit the most generic use cases. Among the most frequently used connector family, you have the REST connectors, e-mail connector, and the database connectors (data source / JDBC). Chances are that you will find the connector you need directly from the provided library.

If that is not the case, no worries, the Bonita platform lets you define new connectors to meet your needs!

After explaining the difference between connector definition and connector implementation, this article published on dev.to describes first how to create a connector using 3 different ways :

  1. Using Bonita, an easy way as the platform provides graphical wizards to build the definition
  2. Using your own favorite IDE, by creating a new project from a Maven archetype that will generate the project structure for both the connector definition and implementation.
  3. Using the CLI. If you usually use a terminal to create your projects, then you can use the Maven archetype directly from the command line.

All details are explained in my article.

Enjoy your reading !