7.10.n Studio ignores the changes of the Business Data initialization scripts

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Why can't I modify the initialization script?

In the Data tab, select the business variable, click the pen icon to edit the initialization script, etc.

The changes are not saved: when I edit again the script it is unchanged.


This is a bug with Studio versions 7.10.1, 7.10.2, 7.10.3, 7.10.4 (all editions).

FYI: 7.10.0 does not experience the bug.

Resolution: Patch

There is below the procedure to install the patch file with the fix:

  1. Stop the Studio 7.10.x
  2. Download the Studio patch file
    - org.bonitasoft.studio.refactoring_7.10.x_PATCH-20200506.jar (sha512)
  3. Paste it in the BonitaStudioSubscription-7.10.x/plugins/ folder
  4. Start the Studio 7.10.x