7.8.1 & 7.8.2 UI Designer issue

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An issue that impacts the development of custom widgets in UI Designer has been identified in 7.8.1 and 7.8.2.

Use-case is the following :
- In the UI Designer when a developers changes a Custom Widget property and saves it.
- The pages/forms/layouts/fragments using the custom widget are refreshed to take the change into account.
- This is where the issue arises. Once this change is done the Pages/forms/fragments/layouts become unusable.
- The only way to recover is by going back to the previous state (by restoring from GIT)

We are going to fix this issue right away with the release of 7.8.3 coming out on the 7th of March.

If you have already started development in 7.8.1 or 7.8.2, our recommendation is that you wait for 7.8.3 release.

We regret this inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.