Bonita 2021.1 is available for download!

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Bonitasoft today announced our milestone in the democratization of process automation technologies: we've open-sourced an unprecedented number of features in this major product release.

With the Bonita 2021.1 release, Bonitasoft has unified development tools between open source and commercial editions of Bonita Platform to allow process automation teams and organizations to adopt and use open source technology that adapts to their individual project governance needs.

Bonita 2021 includes more visual programming and coding tools, on the same platform, and a full support and services package

Bonita offers an alternative to separating professional developer from citizen developer work, by including both visual programming and coding on the same platform.

Bonita for business "citizen developers" and automation project governance

Bonita’s visual programming capabilities include process modeling using the BPMN2 standard, a graphical editor with guidance and auto-completion, a shared repository, and multiple options to define and enforce business rules, including ones intended to support project governance. Wizards and guidance windows help the business user with some technical configurations, including connectors to Salesforce CRM, UIPath RPA, SAP, multiple databases including Oracle, and more.

Bonita for developers

For developers, Bonita offers extensive coding capabilities through archetypes (coding patterns or templates) so they can fully extend the automation project by integrating Bonita with other enterprise information systems using REST and custom connectors, by customizing user interfaces, and more. This separation allows developers to code extensions outside of Bonita so development teams everywhere are free to use any development tools they already use, and are comfortable and efficient with, instead of limiting them only to the tools provided natively with Bonita.

Bonita for administrators and production teams

In addition to the new Software Development Kits that allow developers to create and test extension points, Bonita users can now reuse and extend Bonita Portal in their applications. This end user interface has been split into two unique Bonita applications (User App, Admin App) that can be used as is or customized with the natively provided UIDesigner.

On the other hand, the services packages are built on top of the commercial edition of the platform, which already includes additional capabilities to secure, scale, monitor and continuously improve process automation projects.

If you want to know more about Bonita 2021.1, you can read the series of articles we published to introduce some of its features:

And if you like videos, join us on our channel YouTube. We have created playlists starting with an overview video of Bonita 2021.1

What's new in Bonita 2021.1
Les nouveautés Bonita 2021.1
Las novedades en Bonita 2021.1

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