Bonita 7.10 is out!

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Bonita 7.10 is out, with advanced low-code features, smooth collaboration between citizen and professional developers

We are happy to tell you that Bonita 7.10 is available to download!

Want to see a short summary of what’s new? We’ve got it on video for you! (With more to come.)

* In english
* En français
* En español

Bonita 7.10 comes with these new capabilities, and more.

Componentization and tools for citizen & professional developers

Anyone can begin a project in Bonita Studio using provided project examples and Living application templates for either classic BPM process-based apps or Adaptive Case Management for unstructured processes .

Continuous delivery of Bonita Automation projects

Deployment of a Bonita project has been made simpler, using a low-code approach to deploy a project directly from Bonita Studio to an embedded portal and “test in one click.”
This allows application developers to immediately test a current project as any category of end user (task manager, application owner, sysadmin, customer, guest user, etc), as they can access all of the Portal profiles and applications easily in the portal to test as that type of user.

Low-code collaboration tools

New features in the UI Designer offer more drag-and-drop UI elements wrapped around APIs, which aids both front-end web developers and citizen developers. The UI can be configured to display business data without deep technical understanding of how to correctly configure APIs, yet is still flexible enough to be custom configured by front-end developers.
When testing is completed, another low-code feature in the Bonita Continuous Delivery 3.2 add-on (Enterprise only) allows system administrators to deploy into the cloud to validate the full integration. Bonita allows a finely tuned event-based monitoring of platform execution, compatible with new standards like Prometheus.
Extended AI algorithms in Bonita Intelligent Continuous Improvement 1.3 add-on (Enterprise only) mine live application process data and show trends, to help operations managers identify targets for continuous improvement.

Bonita 7.10 Enterprise is also available in Bonita Cloud, fully operated by Bonitasoft, for complete automation of the deployment, monitoring and management of applications and the infrastructure on which they run; guaranteed scalability; and proactive customer support.

Full information on these and other improvements and features is available in the release note for Bonita 7.10 , for BCD 3.2 and for BICI 1.3 .

We invite you to download the Bonita application platform and see for yourself what automation projects it can help you create.

Have fun with Bonita!

The Bonitasoft team