Bonita 7.11 is now available to download!

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Bonita 7.11 Community edition is now available for download from the Bonitasoft web site.

A key element of any successful process automation and optimization project is effective team collaboration.The Covid crisis has shown that collaboration can be challenging when teams are not physically working in the same office.

Even while adhering to the necessary protective measures imposed by Covid, the development team at Bonitasoft has continued to collaborate effectively in “remote mode” over the past months - and has just released a new version of its open source and extensible digital process automation platform, Bonita 7.11.

What’s new in the Bonita digital automation platform?

  • Bonita 7.11 offers a brand-new Bonita connector software development kit (SDK) based on best-of-breed-tools for developers to create and test customized connectors. This means that developers can work in continuous-improvement mode on connectors outside the platform.

    This type of Bonita feature externalizes programming development to allow professional developers to code and test using their favorite tools, frameworks and methodologies. And even better... it is full open source and compatible with all bonita versions.

  • User interfaces in the development environment have been streamlined for better efficiency with fewer clicks, and now designers can automatically generate and customize form widgets from business data.

    Using these visual programming capabilities simplifies the creation of application user interfaces.

  • Another brand-new feature in the Bonita platform further supports collaboration giving excellent visibility for all project stakeholders, by quickly producing comprehensive documentation on the process and application directly from the platform environment.

For more information on these and other new features in Bonita 7.11, we invite you to see the release notes for Bonita 7.11.

We invite you to download the Bonita application platform and see for yourself what automation projects it can help you create.

Have fun with Bonita!