Bonita 7.7 releases


As you might have notice Bonita 7.7.0 is available since June, 7. Here is a quick highlight of new Community Edition features and information about maintenance releases.

A new case overview form is now available. The new default case overview page has been created in the UI Designer and it now displays more information (i.e. the current available task(s) and, if available, the current assignee(s)).
You can:

  • export if from the Administrator Portal > Resources menu, as the "Autogenerated Case Overview"
  • import it in the UI Designer to make it suit your needs
  • as a Portal Administrator, in processes details pages, update the "Mapping" of "Overview" to replace it with your custom overview, and there you go!

Login page is now fully responsive, so as to look at its best on a desktop, tablet or mobile environment.

To allow you to work in Bonita Studio while some back-end activities are taking place (e.g. embedded Tomcat server startup), the Eclipse status bar is now displayed at the bottom right hand corner of the studio window. To keep the same working space in the studio, we have set the default size of the coolbar to "small". If you prefer big icons, with labels, go to "Edit > Preferences > Appearance" and set the "Coolbar default size" to "Normal". You can also click on the little down arrow at the very right end of the coolbar to expand it.

Bonita binaries as well as Studio installer are now officially signed on Windows OS, to prevent inaccurate security alerts.

The supported Tomcat version for this new release is Tomcat 8.5.31, in the Bonita Studio as well as in the Tomcat bundle.

Of course more new features are included in the Enterprise Edition such as Git support, automated build without launching the Studio, save form without submitting it, BDM access right management...

For full details you can read the 7.7 release notes.

We already release 2 patch versions (Bonita follow semantic versioning rules): 7.7.1 to fix an issue related to migration and 7.7.2 that is the monthly maintenance release for July.
Current planing for maintenance release is: 7.7.3 in August, 7.7.4 in September and 7.7.5 in October. Next minor release is planned for the end of the year.

A new edition of Bonita Camp with Bonita 7.7 should happen soon (monitor "Events" page to get the list of available webinars). In the meantime you can watch Bonita Camp 7.6 as most of the core concepts remains the same.

Finally, if you need help you can post your question on our community forum (or get in touch with Bonitasoft professional service team) and if you face a bug please report it on our community issue tracker (or get in touch with Bonitasoft support team).

Enjoy this new release!