Bonita 7.9.0 Beta is out !

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We are excited to announce Bonita 7.9 beta release!

You can now download, test and explore the latest version of our product.

Bonita 7.9 new features and improvements are organised around X main values, and it includes :

Componentization and tools for developers

  • a high scalable asynchronous engine, up to 10 times more performant in a context of slow connectors
  • Bonita Runtime can now be started in an embedded mode
  • Continuous delivery of projects

  • The theme of an application is now managed as a project resource : a theme created outside Bonita can be mapped with an application descriptor and be used as a resource to view a page, form, layout under development. To do so, a new "View in application" has been added to the preview window in the UI Designer.
  • Native UID widgets provided can be used as a template for a custom widget
  • Manage UID assets order to guarantee user interface rendering
  • Low-code application development

  • Accelerate dramatically form creation :

    • when the task requires some business variables values to be edited, Bonita can automatically display the existing values in the form
    • when a task requires some attributes to be read and some to be edited, Bonita can automatically display the read-only attributes of the business objects related to the contract inputs.

  • Switch widget : replace your current widget by a new one without loosing the configuration you have done
  • update multiple documents at task level and in Bonita Portal case overview
  • Open a UID page or form in a browser tab outside of current preview mechanism to allow you set new URL parameters, play with dynamic browser sizing, and to reuse same url in another browser to see how your form or page behaves in your user default browser
  • A new action is available on the provided Button widget in the UI Designer: "Assign and submit task"
  • From Bonita Portal to Bonita Living Applications

    We are pursuing the initiative of progressively migrating Bonita Portal to our UI Designer technology and transforming it into three applications, one per provided profile.

    Each new page is provided as a new custom page that is responsive, that can be customized in the UI Designer, and used in any living application. This version includes :

  • Install/Export Organization page for the Administrator Portal
  • A new Bonita Layout is available to be used and customized in any Application.
  • There are also a lot of technical updates :
    OS :

  • Ubuntu version supported is upgraded to 18.04 LTS.
  • Redhat Enterprise version supported is upgraded to 7
  • App Server
  • Tomcat version in the bundle upgraded to 8.5.40
  • Java
  • The whole platform (Studio and Runtime) support execution on both Java 8 and Java 11.
  • Database
  • MySQL version supported is upgraded to 8.0 (8.0.x)
  • Oracle version supported is upgraded to 12c (12.2.x.y)
  • PostgreSQL version supported is upgraded to 11.2
  • (info) MS SQLServer version supported still 2016. Bonita now embeds the official Microsoft open-source drivers.
    Studio 7.9
  • Studio runs on Eclipse version 2018-12
  • And as our product is in a constant evolution and adaptation to the new standards, some features are going to be deprecated, as we already announced it a few months ago :

  • Wildfly bundle is deprecated and will be removed for next release (December 2019, certainly 7.10)
  • EJB communication protocol with the engine is now deprecated. it will be removed for next release (December 2019, certainly 7.10)
  • 32 bits installers are no more provided.
  • is no more provided. Tomcat bundle can be use or follow the custom deployment documentation.
  • Checkout the release note and beta documentation for more details. Here are the files available:

    Bonita Studio :

    OS independent (zip package)
    Windows 64bit installer
    Mac OS installer
    Linux 64bit installer

    Bonita runtime :

    Tomcat bundle
    WildFly bundle
    Deploy bundle

    You can report issues with the usual community issues tracker. Just remember to select "7.9.0 beta" in the "Affects Version/s" field.

    We value your feedback, and we appreciate your time to help us ensure we release the best possible.