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Dear Community,

Since we launched the new Community website, we've spent a lot of time fine-tuning its performance, fixing it, and more. We added some tools for moderation - there is less spam and it should disappear soon. Of course, if you do see spam, you can report it: on every post, the link to "report inapropriate content" shows up when you mouse over it. A breadcrumb is now shown, and we just improved the search page and its widgets.

We'd like your help to improve the content of the website, on two points: Projects and Tags.


You will see 3 new projects in the Projects section of the website:

Each one is described, all required fields are filled in, and a release has been attached with information about compatibility with Bonita BPM. They are good examples of how to manage your contributions on the new website.

Here a short summaryof how to create a Project:

  1. Create a new Project, enter its title, its description, and the URL of its repository. This can be the GitHub repository, a company page, a personal website website page, or any reference webpage with a full description about the project.
  2. At the bottom of the Project page, create a new release and enter its title, its description, and which Bonita BPM (release, edition). You can provide a nickname if you want.
  3. If you have many different releases, for different versions or editions, please create them too.

If you have already shared contributions in the previous website, there are two great things you can do:

  1. Complete information about your contributions. When we did the import from the old site to the new one, it was not possible to fill all the fields. As the author of the contribution, you are the best one to fill in the blanks so the filters and search tools will be useful.
  2. Update your contribution for Bonita BPM 6.x, so everybody can adopt it faster and find good examples. You can find good resources with the Trello Application Example and this article in our documentation about creating a custom connector.

I hope this will help you update information about shared Projects.


Tags are a very interesting feature of the current Community website: you can tag all kinds of content, except comments. Go to the Tags page, where you can list them, filter them, etc. If you click on a tag, you will see the list of recent content it was applied to.

And now - you will be happy to see - you can edit the description. And that is the point were we need you again. This could become a very good glossary about BPM and Bonita. So please, do not hesitate, share your knowledge.

Goodies time!

I keep the best for last. I am sure that you are asking yourself something like "Why should I participate?" And here is part of the answer:

OMG! Awesome Bonita swag!

Community members who share their knowledge, update their projects, or add new ones will:

  • receive goodies from Bonitasoft, and those in the picture are just a part of what is available...
  • be highlighted in the Bonita Community
  • build your Bonita BPM expert reputation (feature to come)

If you need some help, please, tell us in the comments of this article.

Your dedicated Community Manager,

Antoine aka ttoine


Submitted by JacobMatt on Wed, 12/18/2013 - 06:29

I have gone through the website and experience that site has become very user friendly.Good work done to make improvement in the site.