Bonita v2021.1 is coming...

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Democratizing digital process automation with Bonita

Bonitasoft is boosting automatization adoption through the democratization of DPA, just as we did 12 years ago with the democratization of BPM!

Bonita Community

You will see that Bonita Community v 2021.1 includes an unprecedented number of open source features for creating process-based appliations and automation projects (multi-environment management, Maven-project-based connector kits, Git collaboration tooling, and all editors and wizards, to highlight just a few), some of which were previously available only in Bonita Enterprise.

Bonita Community v 2021.1 includes everything a developer needs to develop and deploy process automation projects, applying our unique approach to "low code," which clearly separates visual programming vs coding capabilities. Bonita offers something for every skill level, every development preference, every member of a diverse team with a wide range of expertise!

Bonita Enterprise

Bonita Enterprise v 2021.1 adds another layer of capability to secure, scale, monitor and continuously improve process automation projects. And now, the Bonita Enterprise subscriptions comes bundled with full project support and services to support enterprise IT Teams from development through operations.

Upgrade and downgrade between Bonita Community and Bonita Enterprise has been simplified in release 2021.1, meaning no project re-development work is needed.

Follow us during the next few days as we detail more of what's coming in Bonita 7.12 => Bonita 2021.1!