Change for the Idea section!

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Lionel Palacin

As you might already know, we are tracking bugs reported by the Community on a Jira project called Bonita BPM Community . This tool allows us to track them efficiently, work on them with the reporter and if validated, report them to our RD. Then once fixed the bugs can be linked to a specific released version and the reporter is directly updated.

Using the same approach, we would like now to track the ideas for improvement and new features in a Jira project.

This is why I’m excited to announce the creation of the new Jira project Bonita Community Ideas . Within this project, you will be able to report and track the progress of any idea for improvement and new features you might have.

The current Ideas section is going to be closed and removed. The Ideas already created have been migrated to the Jira project. Now, the menu link will redirect you directly to the Jira project.

The instructions to know how to submit ideas can be found on the FAQ .