A closer look at Bonita 2021.1: focus on the UI Designer open capabilities

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What’s new in the UI Designer? more open capabilities in Bonita Community 2021.1

We’ve enriched the widget palette, and the tool now natively provides more than 30 widgets and containers available for your pages and forms that react to contextual information (such as authentication, location, time, authorization...).

You can also create custom widgets through a dedicated IDE, either the one available in the UI Designer or your own favorite IDE.

You can also add your custom-designed widgets to the default palette and reuse them across your Bonita apps and projects.

Don’t see the specific widget you really want? Well then, the Bonita Community site includes a section - called Projects - with hundreds of accelerators and components (widgets, pages, applications, connectors) that you can download and use.

The UI Designer in Bonita Community Edition now supports responsiveness, in addition to localization and layout or theme customization. This means that you can easily create fully personalized apps suitable for all devices.

The last powerful improvement that will save you time developing user interfaces, are the fragments.

A fragment is a piece of a page, form or layout, containing one or more widgets and/or containers. It can be inserted in other pages. It has its own widget configurations and data, and can also expose data to the pages that include it. They are very easy to create as the fragment editor is the same as pages editor.

With the Bonita 2021.1 UI Designer, you have everything you need to create customized, attractive, powerful user interfaces.

Stay tuned! In tomorrow’s next post, I’ll tell you more about Runtime new features in Bonita Runtime.