A closer look at Bonita 2021.1: more Bonita Portal search keys and a new admin application

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Here we are! Bonita 2021.1 will be released tomorrow and today is the last “pre-launch” post to give you a preview of what we’ve open-sourced to the Bonita 2021.1 Community Edition.

For this last post, I thought it would be nice to talk to administrators, and show some new capabilities for Bonita Runtime. Both Bonita Community and Enterprise Edition offer new features here.

Search Keys

If you have found that searching in the case list of the Bonita Portal was too limited, this is good news for you: the ability to configure up to 5 search keys on process or business data makes this search so much easier.

Bonita Administrator application

The Bonita user application has been available from Bonita 7.10. Well, Bonita 2021.1 Community and Enterprise now also come with a brand-new administrator application.

It can be imported and deployed directly from Bonita Studio (for testing purposes) or as any other application resource in your production server.

Both Bonita user and administrator applications are fully customizable and extensible. Just import the pages into Bonita UI Designer, modify, export and then upload them to your administration portal. You can add as many pages you need to this application.

If you use Bonita Enterprise Edition, this application offers real improvements in the process monitoring

and error management interfaces.

A dedicated video will show this new administrator app in detail - it’s coming in the next few days. Also coming is a video showing all the great new features for both Community and Enterprise editions of Bonita 2021.1.

And of course, tomorrow is the day Bonita 2021.1 will be available for you to download! Be sure to check: https://www.bonitasoft.com/downloads

Just a bit more patience… ;-)