Collaborate on custom widgets!

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Lionel Palacin

Are you interested in sharing your creation with the Community, or do you want to enrich your application pages and forms with widgets built by the Community?

Yes? Then come take a look to this new GitHub repository dedicated for custom widgets .

You can already use one of the four widgets available in the repository:

  • An Iframe widget to display external page in a form or a page
  • A map widget to display a location in a Google map directly in your form or page
  • An upload widget that allow edit, delete and download of existing documents
  • An auto complete input to assist the application users with typing

If you're interested in contributing with your own widgets, please read the contributing page to get the instructions.

Also, a new page that gathers all the contribution guidelines has been added to the community website. You can access it here.

Finally, don't hesitate to share your feedback on this initiative either by leaving a comment here or in the new GitHub repository.