Community CHALLENGE: Avatars Behind Bars

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We can all use a bit of fun, no? NO? YES!

And after a few weeks of “social distancing” and “confinement,” it’s time to lean into it. Do you, like us, have a bit of the feeling that you are “in jail”...?

The Bonita Community website has a new feature just for fun : your picture or an avatar of your character (see my avatar ;-) )

Add your ugly mug shot as an avatar… and we will vote for the WORST one! Challenge on!

How does this challenge work?

  1. Starting for the next week, you can add your picture in your profile. It’s easy, follow the FAQ . Yes, it has to be an image of yourself (filtered, edited, cartooned, decorated!) or your own personal artwork. No fair taking work from others.
  2. Next week we will publish a page here on the Bonita Community with ALL avatars, and you will get to vote for the one you find to be the WORST.
  3. and then, we will choose AND REWARD the 3 ugliest mug shots !

The winners will of course be rewarded!

  • More BPM points
  • and goodies for the best picture uploaded (more details to come next week)

Let’s start !