Deprecated features in Bonita 7.6

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As you know each versions of Bonita brings a set of new and improved features.

Well sometimes, to do better, you actually need to do less. That’s why, after a thorough investigation, we identified features in the product that are replaced with better alternatives..

By decommissioning unused features, we’ll make the platform easier to use and maintain so we can focus on the core features.

You will find below a list of feature that will be removed in the future Bonita 7.6 release:

  • Google Calendar v2 connector
    This connector has been superseded by the Google Calendar v3 connector. Old v2 version use deprecated API so is no longer functional.
  • Sugar CRM connector
    Provided connector is designed for Sugar CRM 6.5 which reached end of life on April 2017. Moreover, Sugar CRM provides now a REST API interface, therefore the REST connector available in Bonita since version 7.4 can be used. You can still access connector source in bonita-connector-sugarcrm GitHub repository.
  • Talend connector
    The Talend connector is designed for an outdated version of Talend. Also, recent versions of Talend provides a REST API interface, therefore the a REST connector available in Bonita since version 7.4 can be used. The source code of the connector can still be access in bonita-connector-talend GitHub repository.

While we’re at it, we would also like to inform you that V6 GWT forms are part of those features that will be deprecated. In fact the product has moved towards forms developed in UI Designer based on AngularJS. UI Designer offers an easy solution to create your forms but also open the door to more customization.

Therefore we plan to remove V6 GWT forms from the product by the end of 2018 and this transition plan will start in 7.6. We won't have any new evolutions and bugs on V6 forms will not be fixed by Bonitasoft.


Submitted by Sean McP on Wed, 10/04/2017 - 20:47

This is interesting news, thank you. Basically what the removal/depreciating of v6 GWT means is Bonitasoft 5, 6 and 7 processes (developed as 6) processes will not work from end 2018 in the new versions of software.

Everyone needs to upgrade...

But like all things, removing things means hopefully adding things. What's coming NEW in v7.6? That would be interesting...anything of note?


Submitted by antoine.mottier on Mon, 10/09/2017 - 14:33


I would like to further explain the anticipated depreciation of V6 GWT forms,

Since the release of Bonita BPM 7.0 in June 2015, we have continued to propose new functionalities for the design of responsive and highly customizable user interfaces with the Bonita UI Designer. These technologies, based on new and evolving web standards, are more extensive than the design tools for classic GWT forms. The new features currently coexist with the GWT technology in the Bonita platform but the team is no longer developing on the outdated forms technology.

We want to advise you to begin phasing out the use of forms developed via "Forms 6.x" in Bonita Studio. The migration to the new functionalities can be done incrementally because the existence of both types of forms is guaranteed.

We will also guarantee the availability of V6 GWT forms though Bonita 7.7. We plan to remove them entirely from the Bonita community version to be released at the end of 2018.