Fresh news about the Bonita BPM Community - January 2014

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Dear Community,

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

6.2.1 is released

And to start this new year well, we just released 6.2.1 yesterday evening. This a maintenance release, and 43 issues have been fixed. If you need the details, you can download the release notes.

Studio and Production bundle archives are available on the download page.

Community website improvements

After improving the search tool of the Community website, we are working on improving the Q&A, aka "Answers". Some of this work is already released:

  • On the list of questions, a "new" read notification is available. It disappears when you read the content, or when a content is older than one month.
  • Some moderation tools were tested in December and they are now available. It is possible for moderators to modify answers in "comments," and modify posts in "questions," when necessary.

The next improvement will be on the Question view. The voting system is being fixed so Answers will be displayed according to the number of votes they have. It will be possible to comment to Answers too, like on other famous Q&A websites. I hope that with this new feature, it will be easier to chat about questions & answers.

I would like to thank all of the Community members who give us their feedback. If you have any suggestions and ideas in order to improve Community website, we are open - please, do not hesitate.


We had a lot of feedback to help us improve the quality of the documentation, since it is possible to comment pages. Again, I would like to thank you for your help. Also, we noticed that you like concrete howtos and tutorials, and we will continue to write that kind of content.

If you want to follow the new content of our Documentation website, we now provide an RSS feed. This way, you can know when new pages are online, and when already published pages are updated or fixed.

And of course, if you see a page that can be improved, please, continue to let us know. Each documentation page can be commented.

First #BonitaEscape game winner

When I launched Bonita Escape "game" designed with Bonita BPM Studio, I promised that some players who tweet about it would win Bonitasoft goodies.

I am proud to tell Rafael Vianna that he is our first winner. He is also one of the top contributors of the Community in the last quarter of 2013. You can follow him on Twitter: Tbkvianna. He will be awarded with a Bonita Bounty pack including a Bonitasoft process mug, some stickers and a stress ball!

Want some goodies too ? Help others in the Community, and play Bonita Escape ;-)

Have fun,

Antoine, aka ttoine
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