Here come the robots: Bonita & UiPath now fully integrated

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UiPath has announced the availability of their native integration with Bonita platform as part of UiPath 2019.2 release, which represents a new level of integration of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Business Process Management (BPM).

As a result of Bonitasoft’s technical partnership with UiPath, full end-to-end business process automation is now possible, with the set of native UiPath connectors included in the Bonita BPM-based application platform, and a UiPath integration with Bonita in the UiPath marketplace.

On Bonita side, 3 native connectors have been added to Bonita Enterprise 7.8:

  • a connector to start a UiPath job

  • a connector to add items to UiPath Queue

  • a connector to get job status

On the UiPath Marketplace, 3 new activities are now available :

  • send a BPM Message

  • Start a BPM process instance

  • Validate a manual activity

Applications built on the Bonita platform can delegate sequences of repetitive tasks to UiPath robots and automate integration with existing systems that are not otherwise accessible using APIs.

UiPath’s Studio can be used to design a sequence of tasks that would normally be performed by a user, that will instead be delegated to a robot. Such robots can now launch new business processes, and interact with existing ones, in Bonita.