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Upcoming events and webinars

TechChats are now in English too!

Our first TechChat in English will be about Integration of security in the development and maintenance of a DPA platform with Cybersecura.

It's on July 8th and you can register HERE.

And there are more to come in the next few months:

  • Using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Best practices from an experienced Bonita project team
Join us!

Les Bonita TechChats continuent !
Au programme des prochains mois :

  • La sécurité dans le déploiement d'une plateforme DPA
  • Docker et Kubernetes
  • Intégration BPM, GED et signature électronique
  • La qualité du développement logiciel

Et bien d'autres sujets en préparation...

Prenez date ! le prochain TechChat sur la cybersécurité a lieu mardi 22 juin avec Cybersecura.

Et si vous voulez revoir d'anciens TechChat, faites un tour sur notre playlist YouTube


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Bonita News

Deep dive into Bonita 2021.1

Are you already using Bonita 2021.1, released in January? And are you ready to learn more about its new powerful features?

These deep dive videos are for you!

Create users on the fly
Learn more video

Learn more video
Learn more video

Bonita Administrator application
Learn more video

Learn more video
Learn more video

And remember you can also read the series of articles we've published about these new features:

Share your tech stack - including Bonita - with

Do you know about some of software and technology stacks used by top companies? is a cool website that allows anyone to present and share their tech stack and to document their decisions about it.

We’re happy to say that Bonita is now on the list of tools available. If you’re using Bonita, feel free to add it to your stack or consider building your stack and adding us during the process!

Why developers like Bonita BPM

You can also check out the stacks we use at Bonitasoft.​​​

Ismail is back with a new example: HR Review

Bonita Community member Ismail has created and shared ReviewBuddy, an app that automates review processes.
It begins when an HR representative notifies employees to draft reviews, continues through to the final validation of reviews by HR, and creates a PDF summary of each review.

This new project includes lots of useful BPM concepts:

  • BPM messages
  • Multi-instanciation
  • Actor filters
  • Non-interrupting timers
  • Parallel & exclusive gateways
  • Connectors
    • E-mail
    • Insert data in a .docx/.odt template connector
    • Generate a PDF from an Office document

​​​​​​Thank you Ismail!

Learn more about our bonita community contributions

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Technology corner


Behind the scenes

Yes you know perfectly well how to develop - and coding can be more than a job for you sometimes...

But in these times of COVID, remote work, sitting in front of your computer all day (and night?) Have you given thought to your health?

We liked this article from Ilona Codes and wanted to share it with you: How to Stay Fit Physically and Mentally and Keep Coding.

What about you?

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Simplifying life with GitHub tokens

​​​​​​GitHub provides a token that you can use to authenticate on behalf of GitHub Actions.

If you are using GitHub Actions to build your Bonita projects and want to secure access, you can configure a GITHUB TOKEN and use it to login with the Bonita Git feature.

This is part of GitHub's strategy to move to tokens for authentication. Be ready for this, because begining August 13, 2021, they will no longer accept account passwords when authenticating Git operations on

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Hot news about Java APIs

A recent article from TheServerSide shared that the US Supreme Court has ruled for Google over Oracle in their high-stakes copyright battle over Java APIs.

Developers can rest easier -- but some questions linger.

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Resolving Maven Dependency Conflicts with a Bill of Materials (BOM)

As Java developers, we may be maintainiing many applications using Maven for dependency management. These applications need upgrades from time to time to be up to date and to add new features or security updates.

​​​​​​This article looks at Java dependencies in Maven.

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Meet our Bonita Community!
This month we feature a community user who is multi-disciplinary, using Bonita Community for his teaching and research projects

Maurício is responsible for research at the UFSC in Brazil. He's created - with 4 other teachers and 4 students - the Business Process Automation Office (BPAO), originally Escritório de Automação de Processos de Negócios (EAPn), as a result of a Research Project and an Extension Project with the Technology Center - CTC/UFSC. Its purpose is to deepen knowledge about the implementation of a Business Process Automation Office in a university environment, and to offer its services to the academic community.

The project researches the feasibility and benefits of implementing a Process Automation Office and proposes a model for structuring and implementing BPAOs EAPs in Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

Mauricio's goal is to deploy the culture of business process management in an academic environment, with process automation through practices to optimize business processes. With better processes, they hope to improve the results of the organization (UFSC) and customer satisfaction.

They are already seeing the results of their work with 5 processes developed and used in transport, travel clearances, mail and user access.

Prof. Maurício F. GALIMBERTI,

Dr. Professor Adjunto UFSC/CTC/INE Florianópolis / SC / Brasil

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