How to create a custom overview form based on the default

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You like the concept of the overview page, but you would like to customize it for your needs, your company graphic layout, and so on? This article is for you!

Quick review of the case overview form
The case overview form displays useful information about your process (timeline, information about ongoing and archived cases, information about archived and assigned task, comments, etc.) This form is provided by default with Bonita and is optional. You can customize it using the UI Designer, or create a your own overview from.

How to create a custom overview form based on the default? It's easy.

Just follow the 4 steps below:

  1. In the Administrator Portal, export the default overview form

    Go to Resources and select Autogenerated Case Overview in the forms section. Click on EXPORT. You will get a .zip file.

  2. Import it into the UI designer


  3. Customize and save as a new reference

    To customize your overview form in the UI Designer, follow the tutorial available in the documentation.

  4. Select your new overview form and link it to your process

    Go back to your process in Bonita Studio. Select the pool and link your new overview form in Execution/Overview page