Hungry? Have a BLT today !

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Bonita Live Tour is starting today and will last until thursday 15th.
This 3-day tour of live webinars across North America, 100% online, can be consumed anywhere you want: your office, your couch, during your commute…no crumbs!

Here is today's “menu”:

  • 11am EDT: Interview of Yu-Sun Wang, Solution Architect at a pharmaceutical company - Yu-Sun will explain the company digital transformation of processes in drug discovery that has allowed scientists to focus on science and resulted in time and cost savings.

  • 11:30am EDT: Overview of Bonita platform with a focus on embeddable engine labs and the brand new Cloud version by Delphine Coille, Evangelist at Bonitasoft

  • 11:45am EDT: Q&A

Hope you’ll join us for this tasty event! Bon appetit!