Bonita maintenance release (7.8.4) is now available for download

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Bonita v7.8.4 is now available for download .

This maintenance release fixes a number of issues for the Bonita Engine, Portal, Studio and UI Designer.
Some fixes for issues specifically raised by our Community Users are among the ones listed below. Be sure to check which ones could be useful for your development:

BST-124 Organization - all memberships updated when adding/changing a role.
BST-142 Importing 7.8.1 workspace fails in 7.8.3.
BS-19331 Groovy scripts with a custom package are not exported correctly.

UI Designer
UID-30 When a form or a page is renamed in the UID, the field 'displayName' is not updated in the json
UID-38 Select widget set bound value to null
UID-54 The default display name of every (new?) form is "newForm", regardless of the form name

Bonita Portal
BPO-23 (BS-18671) Update of manager using the community Portal is not saved
BPO-58 Wrong business data retrieved in open case Overview page when open Case Id equals an Archived case id already existing in the db
BPO-71 REST API - bpm/humanTask filter by displayName doesn't work
BS-19284 Cases open and archived tabs show inconsistent Display and Technical Process Name in the process Name column

The Bonita migration tool has also been updated to support this new version.

You can read the full release notes for details.