Need to clean your archived process instances? Use the Bonita Purge Tool

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Do you need to purge your archived process instances? Our R&D team has built the ideal tool for you: the Bonita-purge-tool.
This purge tool will delete selected archived process instances together with their data, tasks and documents.

"But it is similar to the ‘delete’ method of the Bonita API. What will I gain?"

This tool performs better than the API equivalent, and you can decide to delete all processes instances older than a defined date.

So if you want to save space in your database and improve performance, this tool is for you.

If you want more details on performance, you'll find them on the database deletion volume testing reference page.

The Bonita Purge Tool is available on GitHub and on our Bonita Community website in the Projects section (under Contribute). You can of course contribute to its improvement via Pull Requests in GitHub. They will be reviewed by the Bonitasoft R&D Team - and you'll earn new badges in the Bonita Community.