New BPM Camp sessions!

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Lionel Palacin

If you are new to BPM, or to Bonita BPM, attending a BPM Camp is an easy way to start learning more about how to model and automate your processes.

BPM Camp alternates short presentations and hands-on practice. This iterative approach means that you quickly become more familiar with key BPM benefits, the BPMN standard and how to use the main features of Bonita BPM.

BPM Camp is always presented by one of our technical experts. They are familiar with Bonita BPM and have insights on concrete BPM use cases as they are involved in various Bonitasoft client projects.

The entire BPM Camp is 3 1/2 hours and free!

You can register for any of the following upcoming sessions:

In French: 19 September 14:00 -> 17:30 CEST

In English: 12 September 12:30pm -> 4:00pm EDT

See you at BPM Camp!