Newsworthy contributions

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As you may already know, our community website offers a dedicated section to share and get various contributions. Most common contribution categories include: applications and process examples, widgets, connectors and REST API extensions.

Recently we got a bunch of new contributions that are definitely worth taking a look at.

For example, DrakunDry contributed a custom date picker. Compared to the standard UI Designer date widget, this one offers the ability to block selection of specific dates. This is useful, for example, to prevent selection of public holidays.

Erwan Bodere shares with us not less than three widgets:
The first one can be used to hide/show any part of a form/page. The part of the page to hide/show is defined using selectors so it covers a wide range of usage scenarios.
The two other widgets actually extend UI Designer default widgets.
Custom button widget allows display of a confirmation message before actually performing the button action. It also has settings to customize the style of the button.
Custom text area widget adds tooltip, placeholder and style customization.

The last contribution I want to mention in this blog post is from Jagch. This is a connector that allows integration between Bonita BPM and eXo Platform. More specifically, you can use it to create a new event in eXo Platform calendar from the process execution.

Thanks to all our contributors, and if you spot a contribution that should be mentioned in a future blog post don't hesitate to share via Twitter: @antoinemottier.