Simplifying life: Using GitHub Actions for Continuous Integration...

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Marcin is part of the open source project BPMN Visualization, which has been launched to develop a TypeScript Library to visualize process execution data on BPMN diagrams.

The project team has been searching for testing and building automation in those early development stages.
And they have discovered GitHub Actions, which allows developers to automate, customize, and execute software development workflows directly in a repository.

Marcin is explaining in his article "Simplifying life: Using GitHub Actions for Continuous Integration in a BPMN Visualization open source project" how they are using GitHub actions to create a build workflow used for this BPMN Visualization project.

You were still wondering which tool using? No more doubts, GitHub Actions is very simple and it’s well documented.

You are already using GitHub Actions? We are really curious to know how you use it and share your experience.
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