Still hungry? Try our last BLT !

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Bonita Live Tour 2019 ends up today with a last session with Old Dominion University.

Here is the “menu” for this last lunch:

  • 11am EDT: Interview of Natalie Metzger & Todd Dergenski from Old Dominion University (Education). Old Dominion has a very large number of students and staff and therefore a large volume of data with a complex matrix organisation.
    Their digital transformation project lead them to full automation of account requests for better service and user experience.

  • 11:30am EDT: Overview of Bonita platform with a specific focus on Robotic Process Automation and Adaptive Case Management, and the brand new Cloud version by Delphine Coille, Evangelist and Community manager at Bonitasoft

Hope you’ll join us for this tasty event! You can still register HERE
Bon appetit!