Want to learn more about serverless, microservices and BPM?

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If you are in the Bay Area, join us today for lunch and learning in our San Francisco office for this fun and interactive tech meetup !

Philippe Laumay, our VP Product and Thomas Bouffard, one of our R&D engineers, are going to talk about innovative scaling on the cloud based on BPM, serverless and microservices.

The business applications we create are getting complex as they incorporate RPA and interact with new kinds of services. We're looking at microservices and serverless technologies to offer solutions for application decentralization/distribution, especially for long-running or computationally intensive tasks.

Docker, Kubernetes and AWS Lambda will be part of the technologies used in the demo part of the meetup. We'll show you in this session how the Bonita platform supports scalability using serverless technology on the cloud.

You're not in San Francisco? Don't worry! We are going to share content about this meet-up afterwards with our Community.