The "Bonita Escape" game

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Dear Community,

I am pleased to announce that I just released the Bonita Escape game on our Community GitHub.

What is it?

If you follow the Fresh News series on this blog, you might have seen a screenshot of the diagram. It is a short maze game, that runs in Bonita BPM -- you begin somewhere unknown, and move around until you find the way out. Each "place" on the map is a task in the process diagram. At the end, you will be able to send a victory tweet and enter a drawing to win some Bonitasoft swag!

There were multiple objectives for developing a short game with Bonita BPM:

  • To show some tips and tricks in forms and diagrams, in order to help with beginner questions on the Community. (That's actually the main purpose!)
  • To show that it is possible to learn how to develop a fun application - BPM is not only about "business"!
  • To take the first step to create a series of gamified examples for business and administration instruction.
  • To provide an application that our family and our friends can understand. Sometimes it's not so easy to explain what we do at work, or what our day to day tools as business application developers are all about.

What will you see here?

So now, here's what you will see in this example:

  • Customization of form confirmation template
  • Custom message and transition selection, depending on choices in a form
  • Multiple submit buttons, with multiple actions on each
  • Process level variables
  • Integration of images in forms, adding them to the resources of a process (yes, I did the drawings)
  • Use of XOR and AND gates
  • Use of a timer
  • Use of links
  • Integration of a Twitter button in a html widget, with a groovy script to customize the tweet (beginner level)

Disclaimer: yes, the diagram can be executed by Bonita BPM, however, this application does not necessarily follow best BPM practice! Hey, it's just for fun...

How does it work?

  1. If you don't already have Bonita BPM installed on your computer, go to download page and get Bonita BPM 6.1.1 for your operating system
  2. Go to the Bonita Escape repository on our Community Github, or click on this link to download the "The Bonita Escape Game Project-1.2.1.bos" file
  3. Start Bonita BPM Studio, click on "Import", then select the downloaded file. You will see the diagram of the game process.
  4. Click "Run" on the cool bar of Bonita BPM Studio. The Bonita Escape game will start in your default browser.


If you are a beginner with Bonita BPM, this the opportunity to start with a fun application.

Of course, if you already are an experienced Bonita BPM developer, you will see that application example as pretty simple. All you have to do is import it into your Bonita BPM Studio, and take a small break to test it.

In any case, don't forget to click on the Tweet button at the end, to try to win some goodies. And of course, "have fun with Bonita!" ;-)