credit-card-dispute-resolution 1.0.0 RC

Release notes

Bug Fixes

  • Dependencies: jfairy jar dependency has been updated to remove Guava from the uber jar. Guava 19.0 is provided in the parent Classloader.


  • Tutorial: Add an error toast if data initialization fails
  • Tutorial: If the DataInitialization process is not deployed, the Create customers, accounts, transactions and disputes button is disabled
  • Tutorial: Depending on the Bonita version, the deployment and handler activation instructions change.
  • Tutorial: Bonita and application version is displayed.
  • Tutorial: Do not display the Data initialization section if data is already initialized.
  • Generic forms: Increase text area default height.
  • Update parameters: Use a word case for parameter names.
  • Update parameters: Only display business parameters. Technical parameters must be prefixed by an _.
  • Dispute and Customer info fragments: Use a custom Panel widget based on bootstrap panel that supports buttons (for customer account details)
  • Credit Card Dispute Process: Add an email connector on the Chargeback task to notify the customer.
  • Environment: use the Local environment instead of the Development to ease the first Deploy operation.
  • Packages: use a unique package name for BDM and sources
Bonita Platform Version Compatibility: