Enterprise Edition

widgetplus 1.1

Release notes

CheckList :
The standard checkList REMOVE the attribut in the result JSON when nothing is selected.
So, if you use a CheckList, map to a contract, the submit will be rejected, or you have to do that in your formOutput
'color' : $data.formInput.color || null
To avoid this behavior and to not worry of the usage of the widget in the formOutput, use this CheckList.
Plus :
* Style CSS : directly set some additional CSS style to the input

BonitaBPM Version Compatibility: 

rest-api-context_1 2.5

Release notes

If the case contains Documents, there are returned in the answer:
"listDocsStudent": [
"src": {
"id": 2001,
"creationDate": 1483143534951,
"author": 658,
"index": 0,
"contentFileName": "14060147_1311913258820543_1485550249_o.jpg",
"processInstanceId": 34001,
"description": null,
"name": "listDocsStudent",
"fileName": "14060147_1311913258820543_1485550249_o.jpg",
"contentMimeType": "image/jpeg",
"hasContent": true,

BonitaBPM Version Compatibility: