Examples and video tutorials for Bonita BPM 7

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Many community members have already downloaded our brand new Bonita BPM 7, thank you very much ;-)

We are preparing a lot of useful resources to help you become familiar with the new features and concepts introduced in the Community edition.


In the Project section of the Community website, you will find 2 examples to download:

Both come with a description that includes installation instructions and screenshots.

A third example is under development and will be available soon.


With Philippe Ozil, our Technical Evangelist, we are also creating a series of video tutorials, using these examples:

Edit: link to the next video, Bonita BPM 7 - Chapter 4 - Custom Pages & Applications

Bonita Day Webcast

For those of you who missed the webcast on 18 June, streamed on Youtube:

All videos should be available soon on Bonitasoft's Youtube Channel. (Follow us ;-)

We hope you'll enjoy creating processes and applications with Bonita BPM 7. And share your creations in the Projects section...helpful contributions will be rewarded!!!


Submitted by BrianPeal on Wed, 06/24/2015 - 00:48

Thanks for the excellent videos. May I suggest a topic for the next video? How to take the contract data(via a form) and insert into a database. Then how to take data from a database and add to a contract(for display on a form). It seems how this is done has changed since the v6.x release.

Thanks for the considerations.

Submitted by jveleztorres on Fri, 07/03/2015 - 20:25

Thanks for the videos. Maybe you can show in your next video on how to access business data and send it to external applications.

Submitted by reza.mirzaie68 on Sun, 09/11/2016 - 13:13

thanks alot!

Submitted by kenneth.kavuna_... on Tue, 04/23/2019 - 18:16

Thanks, I cannot find Videos on installation. Please someone assist on the location of start-bonita.sh. file cannot be found when executing