Add "word" highlighting to Groovy Editor and other Editor enhancements

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Sean McP

For a tool that's based on Eclipse the Script Editor seems extremely crippled.

Can you please enhance the editor as per Eclipse just a little as follows:

Double clicking a word highlights all occurrences of the word in the script.
Allow word to word skipping as ever other editor allows i.e. CNTRL&(L|R) Arrow

These two very small changes would make the editor so much easier to use.

Many thanks and best regards


Submitted by Rallegre on Wed, 06/22/2016 - 14:59

Hi Sean,

Thank you for your inputs and your support in improving Bonita BPM.
Regarding your request about the Groovy editor in Studio, I'm glad to inform you that a solution has been implemented and should be available in a version coming in few weeks from now.