Fix BDM so that data update reflects in object model instantly

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We have a process where in we try to update the business data as part of human task operations. The data gets updated in BDM DB schema instantly. But it doesn't reflect in business object model instantly. We use BDM search API to search for the business data, but we don't get the latest copy of data. Latest data gets reflected in business object model after some delay. There has to be a way to search for latest business data immediately after its updated by the process. Looks like there is some type of caching that is preventing to get the latest data. Please provide solution to this.


Submitted by laurent.leseigneur on Tue, 03/15/2016 - 22:52

hi Kinjal,

since you didn't provided a reproducable test case with the Bonita BPM version you're using, you may validate my anwser against your environment.

In 7.2.1 maintenance version, we pushed severals bug fix addressing your problem.

Those fixes are supposed to make BDM search API refreshes its data from database instead of just returning an potentialy outdated version from our BDM internal ORM (hibernate).