Web_Pages should be stored by NAME not GUID

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Sean McP

Hi there,

I'm not sure why Bonitasoft decided to store web_pages (forms) with an incomprehensible GUID, but can Bonitasoft please not do this.

Everything else I use has real names, there is no reason not to give application/form pages a real name.

The problem is when you are searching your local computer for something (a form) it is near impossible to open and close 50+ pages. Yes, it's always the last one that you open that you want.


Submitted by romain.bioteau on Thu, 10/13/2016 - 08:44

Hi Sean,
We have made this choice to guarantee the uniqueness of artifacts in the UI designer.
I am aware the drawbacks coming from this solution.

Historically our workspace was a black box but the more product is maturing the more we want to empower the developers and improve those kind of things. One of those things is to rationalize our project structure for incoming versions and no doubt that improving file naming should be part of it.

Thanks for your feedback.
Have fun with Bonita.