My EclipseCon Europe 2011 Feedback (Better late than never)

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It was my second EclipseCon Europe. And the first difference that I encountered between the two conferences was during my trip

from Grenoble to Ludwigsburg. Last year, during the flight, the Swiss airline company offered me chocolates - this year the German airline gave me a camembert sandwich. (Which would you prefer?) OK, time to talk about #ECE2011 more seriously. I can't cover all the great things so here is just a selection.

If it was just this...

My favorite talk was the blockbuster "Collaborative Modeling: The New Deal". Effectively, there was some great stuff that really improves collaborative modeling. It covered all the way from real-time graphical collaborative modeling with Dawn, to better handling of conflict resolution for Graphical Modeling Framework, to task focused modeling with Mylyn bridge.

Tutorial dilemma

I faced a big dilemma: to choose which tutorial to attend. I would have loved to go to the Tycho or Git tutorial, but I ultimately decided to attend the Jubula Tutorial and I have no regrets. The tutorial was really well conducted. About the product itself, my impression is that Jubula is powerful but not intuitive. I would appreciate more usable User Interface.

Modeling Symposium

This year, the Modeling Symposium was hosted as a BoFs. There was a lot of good stuff presented. I'm happy about the announcement of the GMF-Tooling revival. If you want more details on the symposium, I invite you to see Mariot Chauvin's blogpost.


I was very interested in the keynote about modeling by Bran Selic. He explained his vision of modeling through eyes that have already seen a lot of material on the subject. I admit that I agree with his vision that modeling is an evolution and a more and more useful concept when going to more and more complex systems.

My talk

This talk was in the top 10 most scheduled and was quite well attended. The main objective of my talk was to show that there are Eclipse tools that are easy to use to solve performance issues. So, I'm happy that some of the attendees came to me after the talk and said that they will try to use some tools that I presented. You can find a recording of the talk here (oops they cut off the beginning). Based on feedback, I proposed a talk for EclipseCon 2012 focused specifically on the Memory Analyzer Tool. Comments and votes for it are welcome :-)

I'm looking forward to next year's EclipseCon Europe and also hope to attend my first EclipseCon North America next year too.