Never ending fight on IDE related meta-files included in code source found an alternative: Eclipse Smart Importer rocks!

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Should the meta files related to an IDE be committed?

There is a never-ending fight over this question. I'm sure that most of the advanced Eclipse users will answer yes but unfortunately in a team you might get some Eclipse haters (and sometimes even IDE haters, who I also call last-century coders). This second and third categories will answer no.

When the answer is no, setting up your preferred IDE might become cumbersome. There is missing meta-information, for instance contained in .project files, which can lead a developer to import projects with the wrong nature into the IDE. Hopefully, here comes the Smart Importer! It enables Eclipse to guess the most appropriate nature when importing a project.

For instance, with the Bonita BPM engine project, you just have to specify the git clone repository that you want to import and all the correct natures for every projects are detected automagically.

screenshot list of imported project with nature

The project is not integrated in the Eclipse Mars Release train but is available from a dedicated update sites. It will enable you to test and contribute - ideas and code - for Neon, the next version.