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can you run Tomcat with only a community edition? Im having all kinds of trouble installing it.

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Yes, of course you do.

Apologies if I'm being a bit basic here or if it doesn't answer your question...but I think it does from what you're asking/telling me...

This requires a white paper on deployment and is something that Bonita could look at doing one day (or is it one of their courses?).

Implementing Bonita in an "(Enterprise) Office Environment"

**FOR COMMUNITY ONLY ** - not talking about SP versions which have other features...

**For developer (the development environment): **

  1. Editions of Bonita Studio Community on their own computers...

For "Production" use (the production environment):

  1. a shared or (preferred) dedicated server that is 24x7 capable
  2. a copy of the Bonita Deploy Edition Community
  3. a database server (either on the same machine or on a centralised database server (talk to your IT Team)) - again that is 24x7 capable - we're using MySQL for Bonita and postgres for user data...(don't ask... :-) )

You might also want to consider UPS provisioning for these servers...just in case the power fails...


Install for the

Install the Deploy version...the instructions do work if you follow them step by step, in order...

  2. (if using separate database)

**NOTE: **some things also to review, memory allocations. We've changed ours to:


To move from dev to prod...

export processes from Studio (toolbar->Server->Build) import processes to Deploy (using Admin.Admin or another user you define as Admin)

Don't forget to create your organization first...and you have to assign users a profile before they can sign in. I found this out a while's not automatic. In Community User are Administrator and User only. Profiles are not defined as part of the Organization.

Also make sure your network port is open for http traffic from the server (should be the same port as Tomcat).

Tomcat can then be run 24x7 for employees to use...


Don't forget to recycle the machine say once a week just as a operational exercise, Don't forget to install virus and backup and safety Don't forget to configure the backup software...really? Believe me...30 years of IT Operational experience tells me this... Don't forget to monitor and check its working...the day you need it you'll find no-one configured it and/or it failed last night... :)

If you want to follow full SDLC (Service/Software Delivery Life Cycle) then you will want to consider adding

Integration and a User Acceptance environments...

these sit between Development and Production...

Integration is for IT/process developers to integrate their processes and make sure they work together correctly...

UAT is where the user verifies everything works and signs it off before production...never more without customers permission...they like to think they are in control... :)

And finally...

Bonita has recently confirmed that it is NOT currently backwards compatible. So do not develop on Studio 6.3.6 for a 6.3.3 production environment - it will not work as in you cannot do a Server->Build and Import 6.3.6 to anything prior to 6.3.6, equal and forward is OK (6.3.6 and 6.3.7 and 6.4.0) but not backwards.

So you now also have to consider your SDLC process for the Bonita software platform itself...This is where the fun really I say 30 years of IT Operations and Systems programming (IBM MVS, IMS, DB2, RACF etc...)

This is a very simplistic view of the problem... Normally you would upgrade in Dev then Int then UAT and then Prod...but for the Bonita platform you have to upgrade Prod->UAT->Int->Dev. It's wrong but is forced upon us by Bonita BAR Builds not being backwards the system becomes more Enterprise operational I hope this will fact I think it has too.



Running the Bonita+Tomcat bundle is exactly that, I think you need to be more specific with what you're trying to do and then tell us what the actual problems are...

Your question leaves a lot to be desired if you want help.

I have 6.3.3+Tomcat Community bundle running just fine...

regards Seán


Submitted by daradondo on Wed, 10/01/2014 - 18:27

I've finished my processes. Now I'm trying to deploy them so employees can access the portal. Don't you have to have tomcat running for employees to access the portal?

Submitted by daradondo on Tue, 10/07/2014 - 20:16

I was thinking about buying a mac mini with OS X u think this will work with Tomcat to install my processes and the portal for the workers to use?

Submitted by daradondo on Wed, 10/08/2014 - 01:45

thanks a lot, you have been of great help

Submitted by Sean McP on Wed, 10/08/2014 - 04:26

:) :) :D :D :) :)

Sorry, don't really mean to laugh, but I have to...

This is something that Bonita have not yet published as far as I know, the need to capacity plan your installation.

There are 10's if not 100's of facets as to what size server to use, not least number of users, number of transactions (process tasks), size of process at run time, number of concurrent users etc. what else will be running on the server, that will hit you during daily operation. Then you have to consider network throughput as well, are you running everything wireless or wired, switch or hub? What about the next batch of processes you will add to the server? Today 5 processes, tomorrow 20, next year 100...will this really work for you?

I have transactions on my HOME DEVELOPMENT server that take 2-3 seconds...this is on a Hi-end Intel i7 with 16GB RAM and RAID SSD's...this is without the RAID NAS Device (Synology 1812+) behind the scenes. Yes it's windows, but hey...OSX is just another OS as well.

ALSO - have a look at this post from another client which I also might help you think a little more.

OK, seriously my computer name is "Mainframe" there are a couple of reasons...I grew up in IT 30 years ago (I'm an old hand here) on mainframes as an IBM Systems Programmer...Servers unfortunately are that - built in a frame...they work effortlessly without looking pretty...yes that is a criticism of Apple (especially this Mac Mini box), pretty on the outside but is it anything special on the inside - no...that is a personal opinion...I also remember now I was the first to use the original Apple in our office those 1,000 for years ago with Visicalc...those where the days... :)

My advice, considering you're talking about an your business, would be to drop the idea and either look at a third party service like a TOMCAT Cloud provider (sample list below) or Bonita In the Cloud (speak to Bonita), OR get a real server that runs Ubuntu or Debian, or even better Windows 12 Hypervisor/server. Do not store data on the server, store it on a NAS with RAID capability etc. via the network. Don't forget a mini UPS to help as well (power failures). One thing I do know of JAVA though...MAX out the memory as much as you can...

Cost it out and see if it works, £4 per week (do your own costings) verses £1,600 for a tiny thing that may not last a year... (52 x 4 = 208 per year, or 1,600/4 = 400 weeks = 7 years of worth...ceteris paribus)

SAMPLE LIST sourced from Google search Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with any of these companies and do not use them, if you use them you have to do your own research...

Anyway - something I hope that will help you think. Note, this is free thought from years of experience, take it or leave it, I'll not be held responsible one way or another... :) just to be sure...

regards Seán

Submitted by Sean McP on Wed, 10/08/2014 - 04:27

Hope it's of some use...