How to set the assignee of a certain lane or human task to a variable set inside a form?


I'm brand new to Bonita, and I was wondering how we could have the user type in a name into a field in a form created by UI Designer (mapped to some variable), and then have that be the assignee for a future human task or lane?

Resources would be greatly appreciated! :)

(Eventually, we might want a form where we can add N number of approvers, and have all those approvers have to approve - does anyone have suggestions on the best way to do this as well?

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To do that you will need to use a custom "Actor Filter" that will define the list of candidates.

As actor filters return a list of user ids, you will need to build such list from your form. You can integrate your form with Bonita REST API to search for users (including id information) based on last name... Refer to the REST Identity API documentation for more information.

I recommend that you use a process variable to store user id list (type "Long" and "Is multiple" option enabled). This list of user ids (type List) will be used as input of your custom actor filter that can simply return the list as it is (or can add extra logic for example if list is empty).